Quello che le donne non dicono

Letters full of love making us feeling less lonely
Those words that are part of us
And even though we stay there’s a pain hidden within us
waiting to come out someday

We get lost in fantasy
and if a lie comes out you see
it’s like a truthful mystery maybe one day you’ll believe
Winds are changing but we won’t
and if we do it now it’s just
to see the love inside the eyes of who is standing by or will
be looking at us

This is how we are so hard to understand when
one of those bitter days is here to stay
You be sure you’ll always find us here
on a dark and sleepless cold night
But this is not too much, not for us
when we’ll be saying yes again to you

Days that never end slipping away from our hands
Silence that we got to know
Now hearing again small girl’s voices grown into
women, who will listen now?

And when a car comes passing by
Complimented by some guy
Used to happen now they don’t look at us like they did once
Winds are changing but we won’t
And then confusion comes along
Maybe we’ll never understand how once they talked to us and
now they leave us alone

This is how we are so sweet and complicated
Emotions taking over, overwhelmed
You be sure you’ll alway find us there
when the evening sky will thunder
Bring us a rose or two, something new
and yet again we’re saying yes to you